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TOP 12 Side Hustle Ideas for Extra Income

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Side hustles are an excellent way to diversify your income, explore new interests, and develop new skills, no matter if your goal is save up for a big purchase, pay off debt, or simply increase your income.

Starting a side hustle is a great and flexible way to make extra money for anyone with limited time (hello, busy moms and college students!), because they enable you to work on your own terms – when and how much you want to.

I have explored various side hustles over the years, some of which have made me some decent extra money on the side while others have been a complete waste of time.

However, each side hustle you try teaches you skills that may come in handy down the road.

So, don’t be afraid to try out new side hustles to see which of them suit you best, because each new source of income means being a step closer to financial freedom!

In this blog post, I’m excited to share the TOP 12 side hustle ideas that you can start today to make some extra money.

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Side Hustle #1: Dropshipping

Dropshipping, which means acting as the middle-man between a supplier and a customer, has become a popular side hustle in the last years. The process is fairly simple.

A big advantage of dropshipping is there’s no need to buy a large quantity of products and find a place to store them – you only have to order them from the supplier once a customer has made a purchase.

The costs of setting up a dropshipping store are definitely lower than a regular business, but it still requires work and knowledge.

You have to create an appealing online store for your product and promote it to get people to visit your site and buy from you.

With careful planning and execution, dropshipping can be a profitable side hustle that allows you to work from anywhere.

Side Hustle #2: Renting out your car

Have a car or other vehicle? Then renting it out from time to time may be an excellent way to bring in some extra money.

What’s cool is you don’t have to do much work, just make the car appropriate for driving, take pictures of it and list it on sites like Turo and Getaround.

You can choose to rent your car out by the hour, day, or week, and you get to keep a portion of the rental fee.

If that’s done and your car gets rented out, you can relax and sip on a drink while your car is earning for you!

Side Hustle #3: Freelancing on Fiverr or Upwork

Freelancing on Fiverr or Upwork is a great way to make extra money if you have a skill or talent that people are willing to pay for.

These platforms allow you to create a profile and offer your services to clients from all around the world.

There are thousands of services you could offer – whether you’re good at deigning logos or websites, voice acting, video editing, copywriting, or social media marketing, there’s always someone looking for your skills.

On Upwork freelancers bid for projects, and on Fiverr freelancers list their services as gigs, and set prices for them at whatever rate they choose.

The best thing about freelancing is there’s no limit to how much money you can make, so freelancers often end up using the platforms as their main source of income.

While there is no monthly fee on either platforms, they do both take 20 per cent cut of any money you earn.

Side Hustle #4: Teaching

Do you have some skills or knowledge on a subject that people might be interested in? Then offering to tutor will definitely bring you some extra bucks.

Teaching online can be an interesting way to make money if you have the right qualifications and experience in a certain subject area.

One of the most popular ways to make money from tutoring is by using a platform like enables you to find students, set your own rates, and schedule lessons on your own time.

Another way of sharing your knowledge is through online teaching platforms such as Udemy or Skillshare that enable you to teach courses for people all over the world at any time of day or night.

Side Hustle #5: Copywriting and proofreading

If you have a knack for writing, copywriting and proofreading can be a great way to make extra money.

Proofreaders provide the final check on a variety of projects from books to website pages and blog posts, depending on their specialty.

Copywriters write content that’s tailored to engage the audience and convert customers into buyers. If you have a knack for marketing and you know what sells, then copywriting might be worth trying out.

You can offer your services to businesses or individuals who need help with their marketing materials, website content, or other written materials.

Freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are a great place to find clients, or you can reach out to businesses directly.

Side Hustle #6: Renting out space on Airbnb

Renting out space for a little extra cash can be a great source of passive income for those who want to keep their time free time while making extra money.

If you have an extra room in your apartment or house that you’re willing to rent out then Airbnb is perfect for you. You can easily make extra money while not having to do much work.

Airbnb does, of course, come with fees, so some property owners decide to cut Airbnb completely out of the deal and list their space privately through their own website.

But, as a beginner it’s easier to use a site with a big reputation – marketing is much easier, and you also get damage insurance.

This side hustle can be especially beneficial if you live in a popular tourist destination or a city with high demand for short-term rentals.

Side Hustle #7: Selling on Amazon, Etsy or eBay

You can make some extra money from old stuff you have laying around your house.

Gather up your old clothes, electronics, furniture, and whatever else you don’t have use for anymore.

Amazon, Etsy and eBay are all great platforms to sell them on.

All you need to do is take photos and write descriptions for your listings, and ship them once you’ve found a buyer!

Side Hustle #8: Getting your hands dirty on TaskRabbit or Handy

Not afraid to get your hands dirty and do some physical work?

People will pay you to complete their to-do lists through sites like TaskRabbit or Handy.

You can set your own rates and choose which tasks to take on, so you have the flexibility to work on your own terms.

There are all kinds of tasks from cleaning, washing cars, and doing yard work to hanging shelves to putting together furniture.

So, if you’re someone who’s skilled at fixing things or completing household chores, consider signing up as a Tasker or a Handyman.

Side Hustle #9: Providing pet services

If you’re a pet lover then providing pet services may be the perfect side hustle for you!

Many people don’t have the time to walk or play with their pets, so they pay for others to do it.

You can also provide pet sitting services for pets whose owners need to go out of town for a trip or such.

Platforms like Rover and Wag! are dedicated to connecting pet owners with dog walkers and pet sitters in their area.

I’ve offered dog walking services to pet owners in my neighborhood through Rover and I loved it! Not only did I get to spend time with adorable dogs, but I also got to explore my neighborhood while earning money.

Side Hustle #10: Creating digital products

Digital products are a wise choice to sell as you only need to create them once and it’s done.

This is a great option for hustlers who don’t have a ton of time but have some creative skills or knowledge to share.

Whether you’re a writer, a designer, or a developer, you can start creating and selling your own digital products, such as e-books, courses, or software.

Creating your online products doesn’t have to take a ton of time, and if you know how to market it correctly it has the potential to make you a ton of money!

Some digital products to sell include e-books, worksheets and planners, templates, and online courses.

Side Hustle #11: Flipping

Flipping is the method of buying low and selling high.

For example, buying a used phone for 40$ and selling it for 100$. There are countless things you can flip for profit, from branded clothes, furniture, and electronics, to bikes and cars.

Common places to find deals for a low price include garage sales, online auctions, second-hand stores, and flea markets. To make things easier when deciding whether something is flip-worthy or not, look up how much the item is selling for online.

After you’ve bought the items, take nice pictures of them and list them on a site like Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, or Poshmark.

Side Hustle #12: Transcriptioning

Transcriptioning involves listening to audio recordings and typing out the spoken words.

This has become a popular choice as a side hustle for many who have little free time and need a flexible side-job. Freelance transcriptionists are free to work whenever they want to and earn a minimum of $20 an hour.

As a transcriptionist your job will be to type out what you hear from a client’s audio file. The files may be videos, audio notes, phone calls, and so on, so a good ear and quick fingers are essential to have.

Consider sites like RevTranscribeMe, and GoTranscript to get started as a transcriptionist.

I’ve worked as a transcriber on multiple platforms and I really love the flexibility of being able to work from the comfort of my own home.